[thelist] Web Analysis program?

Stephanie Leary s-leary at tamu.edu
Fri Sep 17 13:04:48 CDT 2004

Fred D Yocum wrote:
> Is there a Web analysis program (preferably free, we are a non profit)
> which can organise this kind of information? Is there a program that 
> will
> allow me to narrow in on a page and see who is accessing it?

If there is a free one, I have not seen it. I used to have a process 
similar to yours involving Webalizer and Excel. Ick. We recently 
purchased a license for Urchin (urchin.com) and I'm very pleased with 
it; it's flexible enough to spit out the reports I need without 
additional fiddling in Excel.

Stephanie Leary
Web Communications Specialist
TAMUS Health Science Center
s-leary at tamu.edu

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