[thelist] Tunneling on Windows...

Phil Turmel turmel-lap at turmel.org
Fri Sep 17 20:18:02 CDT 2004

You might want to consider OpenVPN...  My business partners and I use it 
to maintain our company VPN, tying both home networks and road warrior 
laptops to our office.  Lots of configurability, and service mode 
support under windows.  Can also do certificate based authentication in 
big applications.


We run everything in tunnel mode, but it is capable of using bridged 
adapters, placing all connected computers on the same virtual ethernet.  
Tunneling just seems to perform better for my needs.  If you have at 
least one machine with a reliably resolveable host name, you can set up 
tunneling to support many machines behind NAT connections communicating 
freely with many machines behind other NAT connections.


Anthony Baratta wrote:

> At 12:16 PM 9/17/2004, jsWalter wrote:
>> Anyone here know of any tunneling software that works on Windows?
>> Preferably as a service, turn on your machine, it connects and your
>> done.
>> No fuss, no muss
> Windows VPN??
> What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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