[thelist] Do these UNICODE characters work - page check

Bob Easton bob at eleaston.com
Sat Sep 18 04:46:22 CDT 2004

Bob Easton wrote:

> Please visit this page and answer the question there.
> http://eleaston.com/bob/ipa.asp
> I'm reworking a language site that needs to display certain Unicode 
> characters known as IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) characters. 
> The page is coded with charset=utf-8, and I'm using fonts from several 
> platforms that are reputed to contain the characters.
> The challenge is how well does it work in various browsers.  I would 
> really appreciate you taking a few seconds to check the page and answer 
> the form ... especially for non-IE browsers and all platforms.

THANKS to all who helped with this testing!  There were 130 results in 
the past week.  Of those 26 failed to see the characters, an even 20% 
failure rate.

The test used some relatively obscure Unicode characters, characters 
known to exist in only a few fonts, such as Lucida Sans Unicode.

I have not yet analyzed the UA strings in great detail, but the failures 
appear to be from older systems such as Win98-IE3, OS-8 and earlier 
Macs, Konqueror on Linux, Amaya, Dillo, HotJava, and WebTV. thanks for 
that one <:-}

Modern browsers on WinNT and later, or Mac OS-9 and later, worked well.

The tests reiterate the need for two conditions, browsers smart enough 
to decode Unicode, and font availability.

Thanks again to all who helped.  Very much appreciated!

Bob Easton

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