[thelist] 1ShoppingCart/1AutoWiz users?

Maximillian Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Mon Sep 27 15:56:39 CDT 2004

Is there anyone on this list fairly experienced with the irksome yet 
popular ecommerce system 1ShoppingCart.com (aka 1Automationwiz, 
CartVille, Professional Cart Solutions, among other names) ?  I'm in 
need of a freelancer to help setup and jump-start new accounts on that 
system and coach new non-technical users on usage.  Please reply 
off-list if you fit the bill.

<tip type="DNS redundancy" author="Maximillian Schwanekamp">
You have security fully tweaked, regular incremental and full site and 
DB backups running, and your server is with a great datacenter.  Even 
so, one oft-overlooked point of failure (esp for shared host situations) 
is the DNS server.  If that goes down, your public website will be for 
all intents "down" though some host providers' SLAs will not define it 
as such.  To avoid this, work closely with your host provider/NOC to 
ensure an acceptable disaster plan, and/or consider using a third 
party/external DNS server as primary and/or backup.  The cost is free to 
minimal in most cases, and can be very much worth the small extra effort 
for setup.  It can also be used to switch to a new server quickly in 
case of outage on your regular server.
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