[thelist] Regular expression needed

Edwin Horneij ed_horneij at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 20:12:19 CDT 2004

--- Razvan Pop <razvan at cpea.ro> wrote:

> I have this:
> <NOBR>1. <A TITLE="GEICO auto insurance, online car insurance quote,
> motorcycle insurance quote, online insurance sales and service from a
> leading insurance company. ...  " TARGET=_main
> HREF=http://www.geico.com/>GEICO Car Insurance. Get an auto insurance
> quote and save today. ...</A></NOBR><BR>
> Can I, using a regular expression, delete all but
> http://www.geico.com/ ?


/ HREF=([^>]+)>/

But unless every link you want to parse is formatted in exactly the
same (somewhat idiosyncratic) manner, this regex may be too inflexible
to be of much use. 

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