[thelist] "Invisible" CSS Buttons

evolt.sarahwbs at xoxy.net evolt.sarahwbs at xoxy.net
Tue Sep 28 07:38:21 CDT 2004

> Actually, hadn't thought of a gif, allthough I suppose that would work 
> too.  Since it is the link to the homepage, I wanted the screen-readers 
> to pick it up. (There will be a text-link in the page footer as well, 
> but I figured it would be good to have it in the top as well.
> The reason I didn't just place it as a banner graphic and link that is 
> that I have a "search my site" field floating on the right, and the 
> background runs underneath it.

This tecnique sounds very similar to [0]Fahrner Image Replacement - you 
might want to look into that for suggestions on improving your 
technique, and to find out the pros and cons of using the technique.


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