[thelist] Any Firefox experts? (updating firefox)

Andrew Bayley andrew at arcticcircle.co.za
Tue Sep 28 09:39:25 CDT 2004

> I'm running 0.9x of Firefox. I want to upgrade to 1.0. The last time I upgraded all my extensions
> and add ons got blown to heck. I know I can export/import my bookmarks, but how do I keep the rest
> of my configurations without having to redo everything?
> Tom

my only experience with firefox 1.0 is on an XP platform, but the new 
installer is great.  It attempts to move all extensions etc across, and 
updates them in the process.  The only thing unsupported was my mouse 
gestures plug-in, but i found another one that works the same.

Generally, the improvements bundled into 1.0 make it more than worth any 
hassles that you may or may not encounter.

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