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M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Sep 28 10:15:18 CDT 2004

Message from John DeStefano (9/28/2004 10:14 AM)

>I've read a bunch of articles, skimmed through the spec (yikes),
>stepped through some tutorials on layout, even created a few rough
>mock-ups, but I'm light years away from a good result.

I'd say the specs are the wrong place to start learning CSS. They can seem 
a little daunting no matter how experienced you are. Simple styling of text 
colour/size/alignment and backgrounds is probably a good place to start. 
Get yourself accustomed to how CSS works and to concepts like inheritance. 
 From there you can start experimenting with margins and padding and 
ventually floating and positioning.

>I'll take this information and crawl back into lurk mode for a while
>(probably a long, long while) before daring to show anything to the
>list for critique.

I know the project you're working on is (probably) a freebie as it's for 
your wife, but if you have a paying project that requires CSS it may not be 
a bad idea to enlist the services of an associate who specialises in that 
area of web design. The client will have a better end product, and you'll 
be able to learn from sniffing around someone else's code in a project 
you're familiar with.

Good luck.


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