[thelist] apache conf virtual host question

Theodore Serbinski tserbinski at washsq.com
Tue Sep 28 11:32:35 CDT 2004

Hi all! I have Apache configured running a few virtual hosts which is 
working great. However, for the localhost, I would like to allow 
Directory browsing via Indexes, but I don't want this to carry over for 
any of the VirtualHosts.

Right now, localhost points to the main web directory. Some of the 
subdirectorys are VirtualHosts and some subdirectories are only 
accessible on localhost.

So is there a way to allow Indexes only on localhost and not on any of 
the other hosts? If I add Indexes to the directory this applies to all 
VirtualHosts. Can't figure out how to do this or maybe my syntax is not 
right. Thanks!


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