[thelist] apache conf virtual host question

Phil Turmel philip at turmel.org
Tue Sep 28 11:56:43 CDT 2004

Theodore Serbinski wrote:

> Hi all! I have Apache configured running a few virtual hosts which is 
> working great. However, for the localhost, I would like to allow 
> Directory browsing via Indexes, but I don't want this to carry over for 
> any of the VirtualHosts.
> Right now, localhost points to the main web directory. Some of the 
> subdirectorys are VirtualHosts and some subdirectories are only 
> accessible on localhost.
> So is there a way to allow Indexes only on localhost and not on any of 
> the other hosts? If I add Indexes to the directory this applies to all 
> VirtualHosts. Can't figure out how to do this or maybe my syntax is not 
> right. Thanks!
> ted


Go ahead and set "Options Indexes" in the <Directory > 
section for the localhost, but also create <Directory > 
sections for each virtual host, with an explicit "Options 


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