[thelist] Coldfusion Novice

Dan Leonard dan at canopyroad.com
Tue Sep 28 12:31:49 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm doing a Web site update for company XYZ. They want me to add some
on-line forms with the results of the submitted forms going to
joeblow at xyz.com. I've done this in the past using PHP.

Company XYZ's Web site was done using Coldfusion. I know nothing about
Coldfusion. I bought a book on the subject and installed the Coldfusion
server locally on my machine so I can play around with it.

When I asked company XYZ for ftp host, userid, and password information,
they gave me a link to a password-protected directory on their Web site
that the previous Web designer set up for them to be able to edit and add
new pages to their Web site.

Will I be able to code the form-submission-to-email from within this
directory without needing access to the Coldfusion server?

I'm reading this book as fast as I can, but thought I might take a
shortcut and ask this question to you all.


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