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Pete Freitag pf at cfdev.com
Tue Sep 28 13:02:23 CDT 2004

Dan Leonard wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm doing a Web site update for company XYZ. They want me to add some
>on-line forms with the results of the submitted forms going to
>joeblow at xyz.com. I've done this in the past using PHP.
>Company XYZ's Web site was done using Coldfusion. I know nothing about
>Coldfusion. I bought a book on the subject and installed the Coldfusion
>server locally on my machine so I can play around with it.
>When I asked company XYZ for ftp host, userid, and password information,
>they gave me a link to a password-protected directory on their Web site
>that the previous Web designer set up for them to be able to edit and add
>new pages to their Web site.
>Will I be able to code the form-submission-to-email from within this
>directory without needing access to the Coldfusion server?
The answer is - it depends, but most likely no, you will need access to the source files in order to do this. Chances are the web admin you have only allows you to edit content in a database. But if the web admin allows you to upload files to the web server, then you can write cfm files and upload them through this interface.

So without knowing what interface you have its impossible to know for sure. I would try to get some sort of FTP access to the site.

Pete Freitag
Author of the CFMX Developers Cookbook

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