[thelist] apache conf virtual host question

Pete Freitag pf at cfdev.com
Tue Sep 28 13:05:10 CDT 2004

Theodore Serbinski wrote:

> Phil Turmel wrote:
>> Go ahead and set "Options Indexes" in the <Directory > section for 
>> the localhost, but also create <Directory > sections for each virtual 
>> host, with an explicit "Options -Indexes".
> Ah, so I do have to setup each directory that way, no easier way 
> around that?
> Is there a way to maybe nest the directory options within the 
> <VirtualHost> or do I have to a have a bunch of <Directory>s as well?
> Thanks!
> ted
Hi Ted,

You can do something like this provided you directory structure allows it:

<Directory /webroot>
Options -Indexes

<Directory /webroot/localhost>
 Options Indexes

Pete Freitag
Author of the CFMX Developers Cookbook

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