[thelist] Coldfusion Novice

Dan Leonard dan at canopyroad.com
Tue Sep 28 15:12:12 CDT 2004

Pete wrote:

> The answer is - it depends, but most likely no, you will need access to
> the source files in order to do this. Chances are the web admin you have
> only allows you to edit content in a database. But if the web admin allows
> you to upload files to the web server, then you can write cfm files and
> upload them through this interface.

The web admin has a dropdown list of records for me to select and edit
(about.cfm, contact.cfm, etc.). When I select one of the records, it only
shows me the editable content on the page. It also has a link called
"Create New Record."

So it looks like this is only allowing me to edit and insert content into
a database.

Pete, thanks for helping make this clear for me.


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