[thelist] Coldfusion Novice

Dan Leonard dan at canopyroad.com
Tue Sep 28 15:27:01 CDT 2004

Sarah wrote:

> It's not impossible to do it this way. You could make a page in this
> directory that accepts the form submission and uses <cfmail> to send
> them the results.
> But... If you don't mind my asking, if you're doing work on their site,
> why wouldn't they give you access to the whole site?

Thanks for the info, Sarah. To answer your question, I'm guessing it's
just a miscommunication between the company and the previous Web
developer. The company probably said, "We'd like to make some updates to
the Web site...blah...blah" and the developer thought, "What they want is
an admin interface where they can make updates themselves to the content."

I'll get back in touch with the company and see if we can set up a 3-way
call with the previous developer.


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