[thelist] MS SQL Server: database replication over ADSLconnection?

Jason Handby jasonh at corestar.co.uk
Thu Sep 30 03:33:21 CDT 2004

Hi Scott,

> > Is this going to work over a network connection that's not 
> incredibly 
> > swift and might not be reliable? If the connection drops 
> out what will 
> > happen?
> > Will the remote SQL Server (and hence my website) grind to a halt?
> > Will I
> > lose data?
> I suggest reading up on SQL Server replication, and also what 
> that will do to your MSDE -- MSDE is limited in number of 
> connections, and Replication will eat up some (at least one) 
> of those. Replication is basically a client connection to the 
> destination server, copying instructions culled from the 
> transaction log to the destination. It is a transaction-based 
> operation, and will pretty much behave okay if the connection 
> goes up and down. One thing to be aware of is by default (SQL 
> Server 2000) subscriptions expire very quickly if the 
> connection breaks, requiring some hurdles and hoops to jump 
> through to get it back up. But anyhoo, SQL Server Replication: 
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-
> us/replsql/replover_694n.asp

Thanks for your message. Just to clarify: I am already reading about SQL
Server replication, but would be keen to hear from anyone who has any actual
experience of doing this in a similar setup to mine (i.e. over ADSL).


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