Re; [thelist] thunderbird Question

D. Bruce Saurer g1notami at
Thu Sep 30 10:21:48 CDT 2004

I don't even use the spam filters in Thunderbird anymore.
Check out Popfile. It's easy to set up and very configurable.

g1notami at

Ilijevski Dalibor said the following:
> Hi Brian,
> I spent a lot of time setting Thunderbird filters after I migrated from 
> Eudora. As I did not find solution for this problem I had to set all 
> filters manually for each pop3 account. :-( Looks like Thunderbird at 
> this stage doesn't have support for this.
> Ilija
>> Hey all...
>> I have spent a heck of a lot of time on my adaptive spam filter and 
>> junk rules.
>> I have since added a couple other secondary pop3 accounts to my list, 
>> and the filters don't seem to be set for the other addresses.
>> Is there a way to export or copy my spam/junk settings to the other 
>> addresses?

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