File Upload Woes (was: Re: [thelist] Redirect AFTER Page loaded w ith ASP)

Rob Smith rob.smith at
Thu Sep 30 11:29:14 CDT 2004

Hi list,

First an update:
1. Browse to a file
2. Show Status Bar and Upload doc
3. Show yes or no success.

I ended up on page 2 going with server.execute "fileuploadsuccess.asp" with
a session variable of the success rate (1 or 0) as you cannot add a query
string to that file name. 

Also, the status bar never displays on page 2. You go from Page 1 to 3. So
it works and it doesn't.

Anyway, I'm using the component ASPSimpleUpload and I'm running into some
problems that I'm not real sure as to why.

I am getting closer to something and have determined that I can upload files
greater than 769 KB and less than 1.2 MB. I'm wondering if the larger files
will take several minutes to upload, that the server is faulting on the
script timeout thing. Hence, no large files. Currently it's set at the
default 60 seconds.

I'm all ears...


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