[thelist] New website review

Scott Brady dsbrady at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 12:44:27 CDT 2004

It looks good.  I like it.

A few suggestions revolving around the "Expand" links.

1)  Have you considered using dHTML instead of requiring a round-trip
to the server when expanding a project?
2) Either way, when I expand a project, I expect there to be a
"collapse" link on the expanded one.
3)  When I have one project expanded and click to expand another, I
expected both to be expanded. (This would be easier to implement with
dHTML, of course, but do-able either way).

Other than those, after my cursory look-over, I liked what I saw. The
design was pretty clean.

Windows XP Pro, Firefox 1.0PR.

Scott Brady

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