[thelist] ASP.Net - Web Forms & Server Controls

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Thu Sep 30 14:30:39 CDT 2004

Hi Ron,

   In short, no.  ASP.NET doesn't work anything like that.  The runat="server" attribute tells the ASP.NET parsing engine to treat these as server controls, which are rendered as HTML and script in the browser.



 From: "Luther, Ron" ron.luther at hp.com

Casey Crookston asked about stuff not working:

>>So, I'm guessing that my IIS is not processing server controls? 
>>What do I need to do?

Hi Casey,

Sorry, I'm a mediocre asp.classic guy who hasn't played with dot-net 
... but I'll take a guess anyway.

In asp.classic wouldn't your [runat="server"] attempt to pop those 
text boxes up on the *server* console? Assuming you're looking at 
this from a client console ... I don't think you should see those, 
should you?



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