[thelist] PHP enum

Paul Bennett paul at web-business-pack.com
Thu Sep 30 18:22:27 CDT 2004

enum is a MySQL database data type. Basically you can only store 
predefined values in the field (although they can conceivably be anything)

eg: 'true','false'
'black', 'blue', 'red'

Doesn't sound like a data *type* issue as such, just that it expects 
some kind of flag in a specific format (true,false.....1,0 etc)

Is ther an API / doc which will tell you the exact data stream you need 
to send?

Mark Joslyn wrote:

>I am consuming a web service using PHP and NuSOAP.
>I need to send a web service function parameters. One of these parameters is
>a "search flag" which is set up as an enumeration type of variable (enum).
>The variable has to be structured correctly or the web service will not
>allow the variable to be passed it - it keeps spitting back "input not the
>correct format" - for both string and integer.
>I have looked under settype() in the PHP manual but it does not list "enum"
>as a type. And all the google searches seem to deal with php and mySQL -
>which I am not dealing with.
>Is there a way to pass a web service a variable that is of "enum" type?
>Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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