[thelist] sending mail to someone youve never met before

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Thu Sep 30 21:48:30 CDT 2004

Hi Steve

>> so if I was getting people to look at a site ive made about time 
>> travel or rose pruning, what would be a good way to get attention 
>> without it appearing like junk?
> <jest>
> Use lots of exclamation points!!!!
> </jest>
> Unless these folks signed up on an affiliate's website, and that 
> affiliate got authorization from the user to share their addresses, 
> you are spamming them, IMO.
> If you are not genuinely spamming them, the email ought to come from 
> the affiliate website's contact address and should also indicate the 
> name of the affiliat's website in the subject.
ok, but if someone has a site about x and they leave their email on it, 
surely they are inviting mail?

if they are into x and you are mailing only about x surely they would be 
into that? a warm reception?

sorry to sound totally ignorate but what is an affliate site and how do 
they work? are they ways of getting around the spam problem?


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