[thelist] XML and Javascript: 2 questions

Diane Soini diane at santabarbarahikes.com
Wed Sep 29 09:15:42 CDT 2004

Question 1:
Can someone tell me if javascript can be used to load and parse an XML 
document if the javascript is on one web site (xyz.domain.com) and the 
XML is on another (abc.domain.com)?

Question 2:
I have IE6 and have loaded and parsed with javascript an XML document 
that is valid RDF format (with doctype and defined entities etc). But 
when trying to test editing this document in XML Notepad, which has a 
feature to validate XML to IE5, XML Notepad can't open it. Which leads 
me to suspect that IE versions < 6 will choke when my javascript tries 
to read this file. Am I correct?


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