[thelist] RE: sending mail to someone you've never met before

ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Thu Sep 30 22:54:55 CDT 2004

I explain this in my article on "Power Emails: how to write them" at:


Never use "free" or "hi" or lots of exclamation points!!!!!

Or any weird symbols*****trying to attract attention.

If you have the time and patience, if this is a high ticket item, worth the 
trouble, look at each person's email message, if that's available to you, 
and determine how to individually compose messages that are targeted.

FOR EXAMPLE--Time Travel device: what period of time does Mary Johnson 
probably wish to visit? Bob Smith? Tina Sheener?

Or, the from address could be FROM: Friend of Vaspers the Grate [if it was 
this site that they left their email at].

The SUBJECT: line must be relevant, specific, non-hype, friendly, short 
(shorter than what you used for this thread), and sincere.

SUBJECT: Time Travel Device now available
SUBJECT: Prune roses in half the time
SUBJECT: Help us fire Dan Rather

You see? SUBJECT lines should be much like direct response marketing 

Check my article for more information. Jakob Nielsen, you quote: great 
stuff, as always. Nick Usborne is good. More names and links to email 
marketing gurus found in my article. Start there, at my article.

Good luck to you.

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