[thelist] Multi-site traffic counter, Gold RSS

Scott Wolpow scott at netalytical.com
Fri Oct 1 00:38:48 CDT 2004

I found something.
May be just what I needed, has anyone used this?

At 06:45 PM 30/09/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>What is the best way to track traffic at many sites.
>Here is the case. My client has pages on many different sites. He wants to 
>know which gets the most hits. In some cases he has over 100 on each site. 
>The site holder will not give him logs. I know there is webtrends. I am 
>looking for something less costly. Perhaps a good javascript or perl 
>script.  I can host the monitoring server using msql.
>Second I need a text feed of gold and metal prices. Every one I find is 
>done as a image or I have to pay high fees.
>Any ideas?
>Scott Wolpow
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