[thelist] PHP enum

Tanner Burson tanner at younet.okstate.edu
Fri Oct 1 08:51:41 CDT 2004

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>I need to send a web service function parameters. One of these parameters
>a "search flag" which is set up as an enumeration type of variable (enum).

Are you consuming this using WSDL to generate a proxy client, or are you
manually calling each method?  

>The variable has to be structured correctly or the web service will not
>allow the variable to be passed it - it keeps spitting back "input not the
>correct format" - for both string and integer.

This is probably due to the fact that the service is not looking for a
native PHP simple data type, but actually SOAP data type.  You'll have to
look in their API docs for what the definition of that type is.


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