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Christopher Mahan chris_mahan at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 09:54:15 CDT 2004

--- Alex Beston <alex at deltatraffic.co.uk> wrote:

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> ok, but if someone has a site about x and they leave their email on
> it, 
> surely they are inviting mail?
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They are inviting personal mail. About stuff on their website. Stuff

Hi Luke, 

I really like your Rebel Alliance web site. BTW, your sis is a
hottie. can you post most pictures of her? 
Anyway. I noticed that on the X-wing fighter page, you wrote that the
helmet communicates with the ship via a wireless system. I'd be very
interested to find out more about it and whether the software is open

Thanks in advance, and, May the Force Be With You,


What they are not doing is:
Here's my email address, with it,
I am thereby allowing everybody and their brothers to email me about
their pet project, products of various effectiveness, and manhood
enhancing drugs. Oh, and those teens from europe who want to give me
a college degree online with my credit card, I've been waiting to
hear from you gals!!!

I hope you understand what I am trying to express.

Chris Mahan
818.943.1850 cell
chris_mahan at yahoo.com
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