[thelist] sending mail to someone youve never met before

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 10:48:21 CDT 2004

hi Christopher 

>I hope you understand what I am trying to express.
yes i do and that counter example was funny! it gets the point across 

so in todays age, people who have a site and they leave their mail, they 
want comments about their site. ...?

is this the only way to build a rapport? or is it the best way?

lets not forget that the very problem im experiencing is what site 
holders have too - everyone wants more exposure, right?

im basically looking for the right approach that ruffles the least 
feathers possible!

to my mind, the internet is a fabulous way of getting people connected 
up and yet there seems to be huge barriers that are getting larger each day.

its like having a ferrari in your garage and not being allowed to use it!


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