[thelist] PHP Enums

Mark Joslyn Mark.Joslyn at SolimarSystems.com
Fri Oct 1 11:40:00 CDT 2004

Looking at the WSDL you provided it looks like the sFlags parameter should
be of type "ESFlags" and contain one of the values "Snapshot", "Search", or
"Descending" (which are defined as being strings).  

Now I'm not familiar with the NuSOAP toolkit or the way it handles WSDL
documents.  But it appears that it is incorrectly serializing the sFlags
parameter.  You don't by chance have a captured sample of the XML of the
request you're sending to the service? </snip>

I do not have an XML capture of the request. Since the NuSOAP is negotiating
the request for me, it may be problematic to get that output.

When you say that "sflags" is of type "ESFlags" and that contains a string
value, how do you write that in PHP to maintain type and value? Enums are
representative values right? So essentially Snapshop = 0, Search = 1, etc..



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