[thelist] sending mail to someone youve never met before

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Fri Oct 1 14:45:21 CDT 2004

Alex Beston wrote:

> to my mind, the internet is a fabulous way of getting people connected 
> up and yet there seems to be huge barriers that are getting larger each 
> day.
The best way to overcome that is to be genuine, and play by whatever 
rules the site owner has provided.  Others have covered this well. 
Establish a rapport.  You may, or may not, find that the site owner is 
receptive.  Be respectful either way.  Customizing your message, 
crafting it specifically to the individual, is the best advice I can give.

> its like having a ferrari in your garage and not being allowed to use it!
Keep in mind *why* the Ferrari is in the garbage.  Insincere and 
disingenuous hacks have taken it joy riding.  In their speed crazed 
adrenaline rush, they have been leaning out the window, bashing our 
mail boxes and tipping our trash cans.  Now whenever we see Ferrari, 
we have a legitimate negative reaction.  A trust has been betrayed.

I like the responses others have given.  They provided humor where I 
didn't and gave valuable perspectives on the topic.  I hope it has 
been helpful.
Steve Lewis

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