[thelist] RE: sending mail to someone you've never met

ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Fri Oct 1 15:58:44 CDT 2004

Steve Lewis:

Thank you for expanding upon another aspect:

"mail this article to a friend" function on editorial sites.

I have done this a few times, without worrying about anything.

But now I will be more careful. It has nothing to do with paranoia. Paranoia 
is hostility toward others that is re-directed inwardly and fantasied as 
Everyone Is Out to Get Me.

Every spammer is out to get you. That's the "wise as serpents, harmless as 
doves" stance I strive for in my life.

If anyone else has other aspects of email netiquette that are vital, I enjoy 
hearing them.

Now I'm going to have to post a new, more researched blog article on this 

thanks for the motivation everybody.

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