[thelist] Hmmm... ASPSimpleUpload | Delete?

Christopher Mahan chris_mahan at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 17:26:46 CDT 2004

use the filesystemobject 
filepath ="d:\somepath\file.txt"
set fso=server.createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
if fso.fileexists(filepath) then
end if

--- Rob Smith <rob.smith at THERMON.com> wrote:

> Hi list,
> Call it lack of vision. Now that I've got this wonderful little web
> app
> working with ASPSimpleUpload, finding out paths, storing the files
> correctly
> while removing the risks for overwriting files with checking file
> names,
> getting file names, getting names of the people who submitted these
> documents, displaying file sizes.
> I'm now confronted with the issue, "What if they hit the delete
> button?"
> Or in other words, how do you make a web page send a request to
> delete a
> file off the web server? Granted I have 73 GB of room to play with,
> but I
> want to stop this monster before it starts.
> Rob
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