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> Any comments are welcome - Links on site do not work.
> Sample XHTML/CSS
> http://raskenbo.com/dpwilliams/
> Screen Capture
> http://raskenbo.com/dpwilliams/dpwilliams.png
> Existing site
> http://www.whoswhoinblackcanada.com/
> OS Tested On:
>  XP Pro SP2
> Browsers Tested:
>  IE 6.0
>  Mozilla Firefox 0.9
>  Opera 7.53
>  Netscape 7.0
>  (I can't seem to get multiple IEs working since installing
> XP SP2 - But  that's another post if I can't figure it out.)
> Thanks and Respect,
> kenbo

Hi Ken,

Site looks very clear and simple, text is very readable and nice markup,
too! Works fine in all browsers, although they're all similar or more recent
versions of yours. However, rollovers on main nav operate across entire
area, while sub-nav links are only activated by the mouseover on text -
would make it more useable and consistent to follow example of the main
navigation. Also, the rollover effect on the subnav is very subtle - perhaps
too subtle for visitors with less than perfect vision.

Hope that's of use,


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