[thelist] RE: random text generator spam?

ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Mon Oct 25 02:58:09 CDT 2004

To update and expand my understanding of spam/malicious code techniques and 
how to guard against them, please explain this oddity.

By using preview panel mode in MSN Mail, I was able to safely preview, but 
not open, the following:

[From:] Alanna
[Subject:] Fwd:
[Message:] spring OFFICE 2003 $80: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP $80; [etc.]

[URL, beginning with hyper text transfer protocol, that I will not give, 
except to state that it had that difficult to recall, record, and report 
characteristic of long complex query string, with lots of two digit numbers 
followed by percentage sign, at hotmail dot com--hotmail is a URL 

[text] expected fell out nature blew outside cheat car, seems object wind 
news wife, very familiar recognize patient should fathers office, there 
pride hurry sir air hot less worth [etc., I think you get the idea]

As a former poet, when I was significantly younger than I am now, I used to 
try, after a bout of too much pot and alcohol, to generate nonsense text 
that seemed to be saying something, was almost on the verge of making sense, 
but slipped away surrealistically. My deconstruction experimental goal was 
to ramble on, without saying anything that could be interpreted in any 
manner whatsoever. {{+}} Some say I accidentally perfected this and spew 
such things forth habitually :^]

At any rate, is this a spammer using a Random Text Generator just to fill in 
the message area?

Could there be "hidden malicious code" in such text? Er, this is plain text, 
I turned off the "read HTML" in my email client.

Any comments? Is it safe to preview panel such crap?

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