[thelist] RE: external URL logo not displaying

ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Mon Oct 25 03:52:18 CDT 2004

What causes an external URL logo to not display?

I was given code for a logo for Museum of Computer Art to display on my art 
site. It shows that my site has been "critically reviewed and selected by 
MOCA as a distinguished computer art site". So I'd really like to display 
this logo graphic, like an award.

I copied and pasted the code from the email sent to me.

Only a rectangle, with a tiny box with an "x" in it in upper left corner of 
rectangle, is displayed.

I went back into the blog template. Looked at that pasted code. Looked 
corrupt. It had >> after the URL and before the <img src= portion of the 
code. So I changed it to read />

Then I looked again, and the "http://" destination was repeated, rendered 
twice, in the code. I deleted the redundancy.

Still no good.

I know this is basic, fundamental HTML problem, but there is so much corrupt 
code out there, and I'm no programmer. I'm just groping around in the dark. 
All I have to aid me is Thomas Powell's book WEB DESIGN: THE COMPLETE 
REFERENCE (Osborne/McGraw Hill).

What HTML book should I buy as a handy reference for such problems?

Or what web site provides quick answers to these template tweaking issues?

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