[thelist] General Statement - There's Bugs in Everything

Ken Chase raskenbo at fastmail.fm
Mon Oct 25 19:35:21 CDT 2004

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 17:15:47 -0400, "Jono" <ox4dboy at comcast.net> said:


> Web developers, and browser 
> developers/programmers could all feed off of the same "crib sheet" 
> sorta' like a lot of people here feed off of w3c for standard 
> procedure.  I have never looked into the "crib sheet" theory, maybe is 
> already exists?  If not, lets get git er'  done!

The problems arise when the so called "crib sheet" becomes subject to
individual (mis)interpretation. 

Budget/time restraints also are a factor. At some point, a "product" has
to be "good enough" to be let out. This leads to innovation. I don't
think that perfection is a destination, it's a journey.


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