[thelist] RE: Threadwatch.org Site Review

ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Tue Oct 26 08:10:51 CDT 2004


Just spent a minute at your site.

My BUR (Basic Usability Review):

1. "less noise, more signal" I wish all sites and blogs were less noise. 
Good tagline, but slightly vague, requires interpretation for some users 

2. No "About Us" page: hmmmm. Always helps to have at least a brief 
explanation of who you are. Did I miss it?

3. Contact Us could be a little more upfront. Man, I shoulda had some coffee 

4. downloads fast

5. no ad clutter, great!

6. needs credentials, prestige, credibility enhancement

7. tremendously on target topics: SEO and blogs, SEO and wikis, SEO and file 
type variety...YES.

8. I tried to add a comment to the file variety thread, did you change site 
as I operated it?, got that "Oooops. Access Denied" message requiring me to 
register. Why not have a direct link to registration?

9. I never register unless site gives full explanation of benefits and 
privacy policy. See consumerwebwatch site for details. My Vaspers the Great 
usability blog just got approved by ConsumerWebWatch, run by Consumer 
Reports. Consider having them review your site and get approved for 
credibility by them. You need some way to verify credibility, since there is 
so much SEO stuff out there.

10. No "back to home page" or "back to thread" or "back to where you were" 
button. IMHO user should never have to use Browser Back Button to navigate a 
site. Site navigation must be complete.

11. Why do you have "SEO Discussion" link with post links (log in, register, 
post comment, etc.) at end of each thread?

Overall, design is simple, almost bleak, yet very readable. Nice logo. Thank 
God it's not that horrible trendy tiny type that requires a microscope to 
view, so popular by all the design gurus.

Steven Streight

Web Usability Analyst
Web Artist

astreight at msn.com

vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com


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