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Tue Oct 26 08:44:39 CDT 2004

iChat/AIM robertmcgonegalOn 26-Oct-04, at 7:58 AM, Nick Wilson wrote:

> Hello all,
> Looking for some contructive critisim on http://www.threadwatch.org
> on the following points:

Looks good. but for composition, too many elements are the same "visual 
size" (med. large), so my eye isn't sure where to look. "Recent Posts" 
stands out as much as the content headline, which doesnt stand out much 
more than "Create a New Account."

Make  a list of what a visitor should notice, and in what order, a 
visual hierarchy. ie logo first, fine print last, then consciously slot 
everything else in between. I didn't have time to click. hth


Robert McGonegal

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