[thelist] What is you favorite web font?

Jen Spadafora jspadafora at jwa.org
Tue Oct 26 12:09:13 CDT 2004

Chris Johnston wrote:

> What is your favorite font for standard text for a website?

I like Sans for short blocks of text, and for headers or captions. If it 
is a substantial amount of text, something I hope people will really 
read through, I tend to go with Serif. Sans I generally go with Verdana, 
Arial, or Trebuchet. Serif, Georgia.

It it is something with a separate print stylesheet, I won't always make 
the same font choices for print that I do for screen. For instance, I 
think Garamond is hard to read on a screen in smaller sizes, but looks 
good that way on a printed page.

> I am not looking to start a holy war of serif vs. sans-serif or
> anything here.

On the not a holy war note, I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on 
when they use fixed vs relative sizes for fonts. I find myself forced to 
use fixed at work, and choosing to use relative on other projects.

Jen Spadafora
Online Content Manager
Jewish Women's Archive

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