[thelist] www.exploded.org "BUR"

partyarmy partyarmy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 12:52:57 CDT 2004

hey guys, just hoping i could get a run through on my new community
site. you DO have to create a new account and log in, i'm sorry for
that. be harsh and unforgiving. some things are as of now, still
incomplete (tour and help section), but everything else should be fair

if anyone has any ideas of what could be included in the tour, that
would be great too.

i'm more of a programmer, not really a designer or marketer. :(

reading through a previous post, i realize that a privacy policy is a
good thing and will be put in, right when i get home. anyone have a
link to what this should look like, or is there a standard copy for

haha, loaded email. hope you smart thinkers can help.

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