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ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Tue Oct 26 13:57:06 CDT 2004

Scott Brady, et al:

I'm only going to say this one more time (I hope)...

Users are in a hurry. Users are in a hurry. Users are in a hurry. (3x)

They may inadvertently not notice a box is conveniently "pre-selected" for 
their web using pleasure.

Pre-selecting HTML version is, IMO, imposing a security hazard on users. 
Hidden malicious code possibility, etc.

Pre-selection is probably mostly hoping users will do WHAT YOU WANT them to 
do, not what they want to do. "If most users, according to actual stats, 
want such and such"--okay. Then make it automatic, but provide an opt-out. 
Check here if you don't want one million dollars every day.

Direct marketing pros have been through all this decades ago.

We used to think we could have a negative renewal. Renewal to a magazine 
subscription was automatic (think: "pre-selected") unless you sent back a 
form instructing fulfillment house to cancel it. Nope. Illegal. Can't 
Pre-Select continued subscription.

Are there rare exceptions to this? Scott probably knows a few, and I can 
probably trust his wisdom.

But generally, outside of user profile/preference updates, pre-selection 

An "amazing" thread. Not if you value optimum user experience. The web 
exists for users, not web analysts or designers or marketers. User needs are 

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