[thelist] CMS for images (not news)

Viveka Weiley viveka.weiley at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 19:50:41 CDT 2004

Good hello all. A question for the collected wisdom:

Which CMSs have good gallery features?

I'm putting together a site for a small local art gallery.
I've used Greymatter (lightweight), then MySource and Plone
(functional but took up too much of my brain), then Geeklog (easy and
sufficiently powerful for newsy sites).
I've enjoyed using them all, but none of them have usable image
gallery functions build in.

I'm looking at the Gallery plugin for geeklog; but does anyone know of
a CMS with a more powerful gallery function? Perhaps one focused on
that, rather than news, polls etc.
Flexible templates; for example it should be possible to have multiple
galleries with totally different layouts. 

In other respects I'm looking for the usual - LAMP (Linux or
BSD/Apache/MySQL/Perl or
Python or PHP). Free/Open Source. XHTML and CSS templates for layout ideally.
Table-driven templates are OK as long as they're not crazy. Oh, and if
possible WebDAV
support. The gallery staff are all on Macs, and built-in WebDAV would
be easier (for image upload) than FTP, I reckon. But that's not

Any ideas?


Viveka Weiley, Karmanaut.http://www.karmanaut.com
For a Free Geospace: http://www.planet-earth.org
VR on the Mac: http://www.MacWeb3D.org

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