[thelist] all questions QuickTime

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Tue Oct 26 21:15:45 CDT 2004

Dear Kasimir,
Thanks for taking the time to answer all those questions. Your mail was
so helpful. I think my best option is to look into purchasing some kind
of video editing software so that I can alter the file I have.

Anyone have any recommendations as to software?

I don't want to pay the earth as I probably will hardly use it but
reasonably priced software I am willing to shell out for.



<tip type="Photoshop" author="bird">
If you're creating a drop shadow using Photoshop's built-in layer
styles, rather than setting the distance and angle numerically, you can
adjust it visually. Just move your cursor outside the dialog right onto
your image, click on the shadow itself, and drag it where you'd like it.

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