[thelist] Threadwatch.org - Site Review Please

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Oct 26 21:02:52 CDT 2004

Message from Nick Wilson (10/26/2004 07:58 AM)
>Hello all,
>Looking for some contructive critisim on http://www.threadwatch.org
>on the following points:
>*   Design
>*   Usability

I think I must be going senile or something cause I'm lusting after a rich 
graphic laden site. Ok, not really, but I think the thing that stands out 
for me the most is that... nothing stands out.

Most everything on the site seems the same font/size/colour. Even Jakob 
Nielsen's site shows greater variety than this. With nothing to draw my eye 
in, I sorta just wandered around aimlessly.

For some contrast
- the headers could be a bit bolder, or otherwise enhanced (small caps, 
different font, background colour, etc?);
- the navigation could be shrunk just a little and maybe have something 
more than 20-odd pixels of whitespace to offset them from the content, 
something as simple as a vertical line might work
- the taglines (by Nick W at Oct 26 2004 - 19:38 | yada yada yada) could be 
de-emphasised just a little
- the "Thread Link" and other stuff in the darkish blue box could probably 
also be de-emphasised. I'm not sure but I'm guessing that probably isn't as 
important to the reader, initially anyways, as the content blurb just below 
it. But cause of the darker colour on an otherwise pristine white 
background, guess what draws the eye.

Content-wise, I'm sure it's great. Looks like it'll become a fairly large 
resource fairly fast. When will it be searchable?


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