[thelist] Switching back to Mac

Mike Roy michaelproy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 07:27:21 CDT 2004

Hey all - 

After starting on Mac's as a DTP, I switched to PC a few years ago
because it made sense for web development (tho it took a while to find
anything nearly as good as BBEdit).

I've had an iBook for a couple of years now and an iPod for 6 mos or
so, but I still do my personal and side work on a PC. I'm starting to
think about getting a new Mac desktop.

I got a copy of Studio MX for the iBook, just to see what it was like
to use programs I'm familiar with from the PC. It seemed strange, but
I don't know if that's just the novelty, or being on a laptop, or

I guess my question is, do any of you do real work in both
environments, and if  so,  what are some of the drawbacks/advantages
vs. staying with one platform.

Also looking for general thoughts on doing flash and php work on a Mac.

- Mike

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