[thelist] ASP Session Variables Dying too quickly

Jamie Lewis evolt at eyota.net
Wed Oct 27 09:43:25 CDT 2004

Have you set the timeout from within your script? it will override IIS
settings and make it more independant.

Either set it in your global.asa file, or actually in your script:

Session.Timeout = 9999

HTH, sorry if im way off target with this, only just joined the list and
havent got the start of this thread.

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>Check out the properties page of the site in IIS.  Specifically, look under
>Home Directory Tab->[Application] Configuration->Options Tab.


That's were I set the enabled session state to expire in 1440 minutes.
Everything is enabled and the script timeout is set to 600 seconds for some
image upload applications on other web apps.

What else am I missing?


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