[thelist] [OT] CRT Died - Options

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Wed Oct 27 10:19:29 CDT 2004

LCD screens are not as consistent with color as CRTs.  This is an issue 
if you work with graphics and precise colors are important.

I personally develop on a laptop (LCD obviously).  While I don't have 
stringent requirements on the kind of stuff I do, I do make a point of 
looking at the screen dead-straight-on when adjusting 
color/brightness/etc on a graphic.

On the other hand, my CRT at home is massive and takes up a ton of 
space.  Sure would be nice to have that extra desk space back.  :)


On Oct 27, 2004, at 9:32 AM, Norman Bunn wrote:

> My 5-6 year old Nokia 19" CRT died this morning and I need a 
> replacement.  The question is whether to continue CRT or go LCD.  I 
> really like running my setup at 1600x1200 and it seems there are few 
> LCDs that run this at a "reasonable" price, so I am leaning toward 
> getting another CRT.  I really could use some input to make the 
> "correct" decision.

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