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Mark Aldrich MAldrich at cex.co.uk
Wed Oct 27 11:03:00 CDT 2004

id have to agree that lcds are soooo much nicer on the eye, when i use cheap
crts these days i tend to get irritated eyes, only problem with lcd that i
would warn anyone about is the color reproduction is not up to scratch yet
on most models. you just cant beat crts for this. saying that i have heard
of lacie models that 'apparently' are as good but i dont have a grand to
spare to find out :)

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Norman Bunn wrote on 2004-10-27 16:32:
> My 5-6 year old Nokia 19" CRT died this morning and I need a 
> replacement.  The question is whether to continue CRT or go LCD.  I 
> really like running my setup at 1600x1200 and it seems there are few 
> LCDs that run this at a "reasonable" price, so I am leaning toward 
> getting another CRT.  I really could use some input to make the 
> "correct" decision.

LCD is the correct decision :-) Your eyes will thank you for it. An 
option for one expensive screen is two cheaper ones: 17" screens 
typically give 1280 x 1024, so two side by side would give you 2560 x 
1024, or if you pivot them 2048 x 1280, which is not bad at all. You'd 
of course need a second display adapter, or a dual-head one, but they 
are quite cheap. Three 15" screens at 1024 x 768 would be nice too...



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