[thelist] Merge two Excel databases?

Theodore Serbinski tserbinski at washsq.com
Wed Oct 27 16:22:22 CDT 2004

Anthony Baratta wrote:
> Excel <> Database  ;-P
> Use MS SQL / MS DataEngine (heck even Access) and import each 
> spreadsheet into a real database table. Then you can merge these two 
> into a third table that contains all the columns you want to end up 
> with. The biggest question is, which table will superceed the other? Of 
> two records you are combining which one is considered the best data when 
> they both share a column?

Yeah, this is what I meant. I was just handed these two files to merge 
them. Eventually I am going to migrate all of the data into MySQL and 
make it editable through an online interface, the ultimate goal of this 
project. Just gotta get some good data first before proceeding, 
otherwise there would be no need for the DB!


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