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Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Thu Oct 28 03:45:11 CDT 2004


I'm trying to use PHP to track users paths on my website. The purpose of 
the tracking is to test results from search engine clicks and how much 
success is directly related to Google AdWords.

  1. I want to track where users come from.
         * If from a search engine, I what to know what keywords were used.
         * Same as above for tracking if Google AdWords was used.
         * If somewhere else, just record 'other'.
  2. Also track whatever else. Such as click on a particular link, or
     purchase a certain item.

AdWords provides a good CSV file in the form:

What I want to do with this CSV file, is for PHP to read it, read what 
keywords how what results on a specific day (given in the 
Click-Thru-Rate column), and then for my website tracking to add to the 
CSV results and show which users from Google AdWords (by detecting the 
keywords they used, and the date) then go on to do whatever I decide to 

How would I go about doing something like this? I'm quite confident in 
my PHP programming, but I need a hand in planning and figuring out how I 
actually go about doing this (as a flowchart, or in pseudocode maybe)?

How do I track information from users in relation to how they get to my 
site, and the keywords they used?

How do I go about reading a CSV file, and interpreting the information 
in it, then taking those results and combining them with my tracking 
results to produce a graph showing which Google AdWords clicks are 
turning into specific results within my site?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate any ideas and assistance.


Tim Burgan


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